Bellows: Giuseppe Ielasi + Nicola Ratti

Giuseppe Ielasi/Nicola Ratti

Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

02/06/2012 23.30  

Bellows is a project born from the collaboration between Giuseppe Ielasi and Nicola Ratti. The project aims at exploring and broadening sound horizons, mixing acoustic instruments with electric guitars, percussions and record players. The result is an extremely rich and intense performance, which benefits from the style difference of the two artists. Post-rock, electro-acoustic music, guitars and laptops are blended together in order to create a dynamic and heterogeneous sound atmosphere. At VIE Festival, the duo will present their third album, Reelin’, published by the British record label Entr’acte.

Giuseppe Ielasi/Nicola Ratti

Giuseppe Ielasi
Musician and composer, Giuseppe Ielasi worked from 1996 to 2006 in the field of improvised music, teaming up with Taku Sugimoto, Jerome Noetinger, Nmperign, Brandon Labelle, Nikos Veliotis, Alessandro Bosetti, Gert-Jan Prins, Phill Niblock, Oren Ambarchi and many others. Since 2007, Ielasi has been working on solo performances 'site-specific', often using electric guitars as main instrument, mixing it with microphones and other systems of sound diffusion, in order to create a complex network of sound in relation to a specific space. As of today, Giuseppe Ielasi is one of the most famous italian artists in the electronic music field. He has worked on more than twenty albums published by some famous record labels like 12k, Hapna and Kning Disk. Ielasi has always stood out for his capacity to reinvent the sound in an original and unique way.

Nicola Ratti
Nicola Ratti mixes a soloist career, working on music for Anticipate (US), Preservation (AU), Megaplomb (IT), Die Schachtel (IT) and touring in Europe and North America, with some important collaborations like the one with the soundtrack-band Ronin, where he plays the guitar since 2006, the duo Bellows and the duo FaravelliRatti together with Attila Faravelli; with these others, he has realized different records with both italian and foreign record labels. Nicola constantly collaborates with Fatima Bianchi, with whom he founded, in 2011, FeN Bureau, an project that promotes creation and production of audio/video installations. Nicola Ratti also works as an architect for Gru Architetti, a multidisciplinary team from Milan, where he is in charge of the artistic side of the job.

The show

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