Gli Incauti

Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

01/06/2012 20.30  
02/06/2012 20.30  

by Juan Mayorga
direction Simone Toni
with Luca Carboni, Federica Castellini, Marco Grossi, Diana Manea, Stefano Moretti, Giulia Valenti
set design Alessandra Gabriela Baldoni
lights Fiammetta Baldiserri
music Giacomo Toni
music advisor Lucia Toni
direction assitance Diana Manea, Marco Grossi

created thanks to Accordo GECO 2 Giovani Evoluti e Consapevoli – Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Gioventů – Regione Emilia-Romagna, realized by Emilia-Romagna Teatro Fondazione


Running time 2h

World premičre

Reservation required

Gli Incauti, a company from Bologna founded in 2009, presents at VIE its latest show, Hamelin, by the spanish playwright Juan Mayorga, still not very famous in Italy. The show is part of project GECO 2 (Giovani Evoluti e Consapevoli) promoted by Region Emilia- Romagna, ERT and Ministry of Youth. As the suggested by the title, the show is a contemporary new reading of the famous Grimm brother's tale: Hamelin's piper or The Magic Piper, where a town invaded by rats is saved by a flautist who uses his music to chase them off. Since the town people show no gratitude, the musician decides to take his revenge by taking away all the children. Mayorga takes inspiration from this story and tells us an extremely modern one: a citizen beyond suspicion, Paolo Riva, young, with a middle-class background, is involved in a case of pedophilia. The judge, Montero, is firmly persuaded of Paolo's guilt but cannot prove it in any way.

The family of Gianmaria, victim of the suspected abuse, seems to be in the dark about the relationship between Riva and the child, but we soon find out that Paolo Riva wasn’t just a normal friend of the family. As the time goes by, questions and doubts seem to increase.
What is the truth? Did the family know about the abuses? Did the pedophile buy off their silence? Is the suspect really guilty of an horrible crime or is he a victim of miscarriage of justice? Audience and characters are unable to understand who is innocent and who is guilty, what is right and what is wrong. Every point of view opens up a new vision of the world and leads to a different truth. Events are carried on by a crucial figure, the Acotador, who guides the characters, determines their actions and their silences as a director guides the actors during rehearsals. Hamelin’s strength, apart from its artistic value, is that it points the finger at a society that doesn't pay much attention to the most weak and undefended: the children.


Gli Incauti

Gli Incauti was established in 2008 by actors Luca Carboni, Federica Castellini, Simone Toni and anthropologist Timi Gŕspari. In 2009, actors Diana Manea, Stefano Moretti and Giulia Valenti joined the group with the set designer Alessandra Gabriela Baldoni, the musicians Carlo Borsari and Giacomo Toni. Since 2008 the company collaborates with the Theatre of Budrio, a little town near Bologna and there worked on all the productions directed by Simone Toni: The Clouds by Aristophanes, 1984 by George Orwell, Oscar Wilde - Il clown dal cuore infranto from Oscar Wilde’s De Profundis, Le favole a rovescio, a musical based on Gianni Rodari’s poetry, Le Cosmicomiche by Italo Calvino. Inspired by the work on Orwell’s 1984, the company started a research project on utopias and dystopias called Mai - mondi alternativi irealizzabili - finding common elements among apparently different novels and plays as in the ones from Orwell, Gianni Rodari and Italo Calvino. In this context, in 2011, Stefano Moretti and Toma Gudelyte translated Madagascar by the Lithuanian playright Marius Ivaskevicius and staged the first act of the play. Thanks to this show, Gli Incauti won the prize Residenze Creative of the Teatro Garybaldi, Turin and received a grant from D.E.Mo. /Movin’ up 2011. The show has also toured Lithuania in July 2011. In 2012, Gli Incauti received a fund from the Regione Emilia Romagna for the production of Hamelin by Juan Mayorga and was included in the GECO 2 project supported by Regione Emilia Romagna and Ministry of Youth in collaboration with ERT – Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione.

The show

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