Francamente me ne infischio - 2.Atlanta

5 movements freely inspired from Gone with the wind by Margaret Mitchell

Antonio Latella

Teatro Herberia, Rubiera (RE)

02/06/2012 17.20  

dramaturgy Linda Dalisi, Federico Bellini, Antonio Latella
with Caterina Carpio, Candida Nieri, Valentina Vacca
set and costumes Marco Di Napoli e Graziella Pepe
music Franco Visioli
lights Simone De Angelis
movements Francesco Manetti
organization and production Brunella Giolivo
distribution and communication Michele Mele
costumes realization Cinzia Virguti
pictures Brunella Giolivo
brochure Rosa Futuro
writing Patrizia Bologna
direction assistant Francesca Giolivo
directed by Antonio Latella

Stabile/Mobile Compagnia Antonio Latella, La Corte Ospitale
in collaboration with Emilia Romagna Teatro/VIE Scena Contemporanea
special thanks to Trippen (A. Spieth e M. Oehler, Berlin), Teatro Elfo Puccini (Milano), Teatro Comunale di Laurino (Sa), Laura Marinoni, Agnese Tancredi

Running time 1h 10'

Freely inspired from the novel Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell, made known to the public thanks to the film version by Victor Fleming (1939) starring Vivien Leigh, Francamente me ne infischio is an universe that fluctuates between the grotesque and pop, between the text reflection and the contemporary.

Scarlett O'Hara will be the whim and the earth, the self-centeredness and the cotton plantation, the tenacity and slavery, will be Ashley Wilkes and the Tarleton twins, will be Mammy and Rhett Butler. Because Scarlett is the embodiment of the American dream, the dream of yesterday and today's America.

Scarlett looks at herself in the mirror and she finds Atlanta: her twin city that, just like her, cracks the rough bark of time and throws itself into a new age; both Scarlett and Atlanta deny their true feelings and, trying to work out their grief, commit themselves to money, progress and economic growth. A mirror image is established between Atlanta and Scarlett, they urge us into thinking about how the desire of wealth and success can turn you into an outcast.
At this point, like a white dress soaked with black ink, the spotlight on Scarlett darkens. “In America, being yourself is not enough”, Scarlett says, “a party with decorations and music, it's not enough; the only important thing is to be in control, to be the queen of the floor, having everyone's eyes on you, possessing everything, and persuade every admirer that falls for you that this is right and honourable”.
So, the unobtainable becomes essential to us, it seduces us, just like Scarlett does, looking scathingly at us beneath her fashionable hat.

Linda Dalisi

Antonio Latella

Antonio Latella was born in Castellammare di Stabia in 1967. After his studies at Teatro Stabile of Torino and at the famous La Bottega Teatrale in Florence, a school directed by Vittorio Gassman, Latella took up his career as an actor (1986), which he ended in 2000.
In 1998, he directs his first theatrical performance. In 2004, he moves to Berlin. Brilliant and productive director, he is the author of several plays. In 2010, Latella becomes manager of Teatro Nuovo in Naples.
Latella’s plays have been stage in different theatres and festivals, such as: 11° Union des Théâtres de l’Europe Festival in Villeurbanne, Festival of Avignone, Festival of Salisburgo, Festival Theaterformen of Braunschweig/Hanover, Festival Grec in Barcelona, Festival Shakespeariano of Santa Susanna, International Festival “Scène Etrangères” of Villeneuve d’Ascq, Festival Svjetskog Kazalista in Zagabria, Théâtre National Populaire Villeurbanne, Volksbuhne Theatre in Berlino, Théâtre National de l’Odeon in Paris, Festival delle Colline Torinesi, International Festival of Teatro di Lugano, Radialsystem Theatre of Berlin, Culturgest and Centro Cultural De Belem di Lisbona, Comédie di Reims, Teatrul Clasis Festival of Arad e Sibiu International Theatre Festival, Wiener Festwochen, Napoli Teatro Festival Italia e De Internationale Keuze Van de Rotterdamse Schouwbur.

The show

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