Paradoxes #8

Marcus Schmickler "Bonn Patternization"


Civico Planetario "F.Martino" , Modena

31/05/2012 21.30  
01/06/2012 20.00    23.00  

by Presto!? e Orthographe
with Marcus Schmickler (musicista), Marco Garoni (tecnico planetario),
artistic care and visual effects Alessandro Panzavolta, Lorenzo Senni
in collaboration with Civico Planetario “F. Martino“ di Modena e Planetario di Ravenna
diffusion dada prod.
created thanks to Accordo GECO 2 Giovani Evoluti e Consapevoli – Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Gioventů – Regione Emilia-Romagna, realized by Emilia-Romagna Teatro Fondazione


Runnig time 50’

Reservation required

The project started as a festival of live music performances for planetarium, that presents at each appointment the collaboration with a new guest artist. Lorenzo Senni (Presto!?) looks after the selection of the invited musicians. The optical device of the planetarium interacts with the live performance, creating every time an innovative 3D performance of sounds and lights.
The space in the planetarium becomes a circular "auditorium" where the audience watches the rising and setting of noisy stars, the expressions of unusual celestial phenomena and the sounds from supernal spheres that rend the dense atmosphere of expanding nebulae. On the reclining seats of the planetarium, the spectator can give himself to an unfamiliar listening, sinking his eyes in the flickering darkness of the sky. Inside the planetarium, the movement of the constellations, planets and other astronomical phenomena take shape by the music, dialoguing with the sound landscape and with the visual effects created by Orthographe. The planetarium isn’t only the space that houses the music performance, but as a optical device manipulated beyond the limits of its ordinary use, makes possible a result of the look that blends with the sounds of music performed.


The Orthographe (Alessandro Panzavolta, Forlě 1975 / Angela Longo, Ravenna 1978) were instituted in Ravenna in 2004. Since their beginning, they have been working on the creation of works in which visual arts and theatre are mixed together and intertwined. Their research on optic devices applied on visual arts and theatre, brings Orthographe to the realization of works for the optic camera such as Orthographe de la physionomie en movement (2005 Biennale di Venezia theatre section) and Tentativi di volo (2007 What’s next Spielart München).
In 2009, the Orthographe produce Controllo Remoto (Rotterdamer Shouwburg), a phantasmagoria on war imaginary that goes from the first audiovisual devices of the civil war to the modern laser.
At VIE 2011, Orthographe presents the first part of the project Una settimana di bontŕ ( A week of kindness_ Season 1), a performance that investigates on mass media communication, its mechanisms of control and manipulation and the role played by new technologies in modern society.
Among their installations and performances, we mention ˇThump flash! (2011), JP-8000 supersaw (2011), Gorgone I, II, III (2009>10), Fuoco bianco su fuoco nero, Erinnerung (2007). Since 2011, together with the independent label Presto!?, the company has been working on Paradoxes, a series of musical performances for planetary. Orthographe collaborates since 2007 with the musician Lorenzo Senni and the photographer Cesare Fabbri.

Presto!? is an independent label founded in 2008 and dedicated to the “new sounds” of today’s musical scene. Lorenzo Senni, curator of Presto!?, has produced CDs, vinyls and musicassettes, collaborating with some of the most important international performers of the new electronic and electro-acoustic music. Presto!? has published works of international musicians, as Florian Hecker, Marcus Schmickler, Carl Michael Von Hausswolff, Mattin, John Wiese, Lasse Marhaug, Alberto De Campo, Werner Dafeldecker, EVOL, Stefano Pilia, Lawrence English, John Hudak, and other excellent artists of the contemporary music scene.

Marcus Schmickler
Marcus Schmickler is a leading figure of the experimental electronic music of Colonia. His list of inspirational artists includes Mouse on Mars, Nonplace Urban Field, Air Liquide, Mike Ink e ai labels A-Music, Electro Bunker e Karaoke Kalk.
In the late 80's, while still a student of electronic music composition, Schmickler, together with his classmates Carsten Shulz (aka C-Shulz), Frank Dommert and Georg Odijk, he was a member of two bands: Pol and Kontakta.
Schmickler has published several albums for the recording laberl Mille Plateaux (project Pluramon) and Georg Odijk A-Musik, all of which were widely acclaimed by critics. In 2011, he records Bari Workshop for the label Presto!?.
His works are created starting from different sounds, improvised and almost neutral, rearranged to compose fascinating atmospheres, which, sometimes, are contaminated by beat-oriented electronic music.

The show

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