sound drama in two acts


Teatro Comunale Luciano Pavarotti, Modena

31/05/2012 19.00  
01/06/2012 19.00  

I atto - Lo sbaglio nel saluto
II atto - Contro il morso del rettile

with Dafne Boggeri, Francesco 'Fuzz' Brasini, Giorgia Nardin, Leila Gharib, Sonia Brunelli
original live music Francesco ‘Fuzz’ Brasini (2880 sampler recorder, space echo, sine wave generator), Leila Gharib (drums, deleay modeler, super shifter, big muff)
performer Dafne Boggeri, Giorgia Nardin, Sonia Brunelli
choreography Sonia Brunelli
teoric collaboration Piersandra Di Matteo
light effect Dafne Boggeri
sound engineer Martina Zanetti
graphics Leila Gharib
special thank to Marco Villari

realized thanks toAccordo GECO 2 Giovani Evoluti e Consapevoli – Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Gioventů – Regione Emilia-Romagna realized by Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
co-production Schaubühne Lindenfels - Leipzig, Santarcangelo '12 '13 '14 Festival internazionale del teatro in piazza
with the support of Xing


Running time 1h 15’

World premičre

Indigenous is placed in a porous universe. Its frayed perimeter is made of atmospheric collapses, persistent rhythmic patterns, mythical figures, liquid geometries, oscillations and lightning. Its volume is subjected to a constant pressure, a beating rhythm that won’t stop. Indigenous constructs resistance. Indigenous wears a dress that fits into our ceremony. Its pronunciation strengthens the boundaries of the non-identical, of division, of the stranger already inside the system, it marks the difference. Its obscure pulsation is voided of acknowledged meanings because it destroys camouflage devices, snags community’s points of reference, dissociates itself from the rituals in order to access to the dark side of the human mind. Its heart is the alteration of the real drowned in a maimed folklore.
Indigenous develops in two acts performed by musicians and dancers, two faces of the same void, heart of the show, that radiates a burning physical energy. Lo sbaglio nel saluto and Contro il morso del rettile are tracks for a detection that marks the space of the Other and violates the established cultural laws and symbols.
Establishing a continuum with the undertaken creative path, this new creation of Barokthegreat works on the uniqueness of the figure on stage and deepens his presence. Barokthegreat keeps working on the relationship between the actors and surrounding environment that, through sounds, gives them shape and density. This is a performance for the senses since it analyzes the natural necessity to express oneself, working on a new code and a new language, aiming at the creation of a new concept of time.

The show will be on stage also on July 20th and 21st at Santarcangelo Festival Internazionale del Teatro in Piazza, in Santarcangelo di Romagna from the 13th to the 22nd of July 2012.


Barokthegreat operates within the vast range of the performing arts, with a particular focus on the mental roots of movement, the physicality and ritual function of music and the architecture of space as an inhabitable device. Directed by musician Leila Gharib and dancer-choreographer Sonia Brunelli, the group started in 2008 with the performance Barok. In 2009 Xing commissioned Wrestling - Intuitions about the world waiting to become a completed costruction for F.I.S.Co 09, Bologna. In 2010 the group was winner of Mondo Prize 2010 curated by GAI/Young italian artists with The Origin, a site - specific performance conceived in collaboration with London based director Simon Vincenzi for Sujet ŕ Vif/Festival d'Avignon 08, later selected with Fidippide for Marathon of the Unexpected, a new section dedicated to experimental experience in the frame of the 7th Festival of Contemporary Dance at the Venice Biennial. For Netmage11 International Live-Media festival Barokthegreat presents Russian Mountains an audio-visula performance conceived in collaboration with the dutch musician Michiel Klein. In the same year Barokthegreat cured the evening Kind of magic in the frame of the project called Camping conceived by Xing.

The show

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