Nabih Amaraoui/Matthieu Burner

Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

30/05/2012 21.00  
31/05/2012 21.00  

choreography Nabih Amaraoui & Matthieu Burner
sound Olivier Renouf
lights Stéphanie Daniel
costume Edda Mann
with Joris Camelin, Grayson Millwood, Davide Sportelli, Ante Pavic

Maison de la Culture d'Amiens/Centre de création et de production
co-production L'Echangeur CDC Picardie, Le Pacifique-CDC de Grenoble, - Scène conventionnée de Fère-en-Tardenois, Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Modena
with the support of APAP (Advancing Performing Arts Project) e della Commissione Europea – Programma Cultura

Running time 1h 15’

National première

After having tamed the animal, is it possible that the man doesn’t try to subdue the man? Isn’t the man a wolf for the man itself? What might happen if a group of men were left to be guided by these behaviors? How can each individual remain entirely authentic though belonging to the group? How will the group suffocate, oppose, or leave itself fascinated by every individual? What's the limit, the threshold of tolerance of each one of us?
Nabih Amaraoui and Matthieu Burner love to ask questions, observe the world and try to understand it. The two artists, of whom someone will remember the powerful One to One presented two years ago in the playbill of Teatro delle Passioni, present at VIE Them with which the two artists continue their investigation into human nature and their artistic research on the dualism man / animal, body / spirit. While following in this new work the same artistic direction undertaken in No Filter - where pure flows of thought and energy unstoppably follow one another - in Them Nabih Amaraoui and Matthieu Burner try to test this approach by comparing it with a group of performers.
Them pretends to be a window open on a microcosm in which the four performers are subjected to the laws of their own group, both during the creative process and both on the scene, to let the public clearly perceive the filter man / animal. What the two choreographers try to bring out and show to the public is the most primitive animal instinct, with which each of us lives and try to find an answer that is as rational as possible to the social rules.
The work of the two choreographers is accompanied by some of Johan Sebastian Bach's scores sound: this choice is explained by the will to reflect also in music the dualism human / animal, body / spirit.

An immense black canvas covers the whole scene and, of the outside world, there are no more than a few lasting impressions on canvas. Inside, nothing. Alone on stage, four men show their trip to the loss of the essential, exposed in their fragility and in their desire to share their findings: isn’t it time to dance?

Matthieu Burner and Nabih Amaraoui

Nabih Amaraoui/Matthieu Burner

Matthieu Burner
Matthieu Burner, native of Grenoble, was always fond of music and dance. Since he was ten he began studying cello and guitar at the Vivaldi school in Grenoble. In 1996, he began his dance training at the CNDC in Angers. Until 2001 Matthieu was a dancer in the company Philippe Saire (CH). Since 2000, Matthieu Burner also works with Felix Ruckert (DE). In August 2001 he made his debut in Berlin with his first show Casques. As requested by F. Ruckert, in 2003 he started working behind the scenes as a sound designer for a solo of P. Saire. He recently co-founded the duet Amaraoui - Burner Project, presented at the Maison de la Culture de Bourges and at Dock 11 in Berlin, with whom he created dance and music. From 2005, he worked as a dancer for Eun Me Ahn (Seoul) and also as video creator for Arthur Kuggeleyn (CH). He founded and participated as choreographer, dancer and creator of soundtracks, for NTTL, an art collective in Berlin

Nabih Amaraoui
Nabih Amaraoui,native of Bourges (France), attended a ten-year course of musical training at the National School of Dance and Music in Bourges. After having studied and trained with the mandolin and traditional percussion, from 1995 to 1997, he completed his artistic training at the School of Contemporary Dance in Angers (CNDC). He later became part of the company Liat Dror & Nir Ben Gal (Israel) as dancer and musician, while also teaching percussion. In 1998, for three years, he became a member of the company Philippe Saire (Switzerland). In 2004, he worked as a dancer for the companies Isabelle Schad, Felix Ruckert and Dorkypark / Constance Macras, for which he still works today. In June 2004, he participated as a dancer, choreographer and musician to the creations of the collective NTTL (Berlin), where he also learned light design. As dancer / choreographer, he founded in 2004 along with Matthieu Burner the Amaraoui - Burner Project, produced by the Maison de Culture de Bourges. In 2005, he danced for Arthur Kuggeleyn (Switzerland) and, in 2006, he worked for a production of Ostermeier / Macras for the Schaubühne.

The show

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