Arcanum - Kreng Live


Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

28/05/2012 21.30  

visuals by Abattoir Fermé

Running time 1h

National première

Arcanum is an audiovisual performance that combines the live sound-design of the composer Kreng togheter with the moving pictures of the silent film created by the theater company Abattoir Fermé, born in Belgium in 1999, but already established on the world stage for its intense and refined allegories, dominated by visual harmonics and environments that lead to nightmares, with a particular taste for the horror world. The evocative and noir sound of Kreng, sound engineer of the company since 2005, create a strong balance with the ghosts and creatures of the film; they act slowly without following a linear narrative, but leading the viewer into a surreal world where past and present become interchangeable.

Kreng (alter ego of Pepijn Caudron) extracts and combines music and sound fragments from the most disparate sources: electronic compositions of the first generation, free-jazz, improvisations of various kinds, classical music, ethno musicological recordings and much more. The evocative nature of these records goes perfectly with the visual metaphors of Abattoir Fermé, grotesque, silent, violent and sexual, sometimes verging on disorder, but still incredibly topical and perfectly placed in a contemporary social fabric that is disintegrating and is replaced more by the perception of things than by the awareness of themselves. Arcanum is ideated by the music of Kreng’s second album Grimoire (Miasmah, 2011) and his character, so thoroughly detached from reality, is given exactly by its genesis: during the vision we see the staging of the sound and not the sound staging as we are usually accustomed to.


Kreng (alter ego of Pepijn Caudron) started out as a strictly sample-based project, working with sounds from various sources: first generation electronics, free-jazz, improv, classical modernism, vintage ethnomusical field recordings, etc... Later, the project mutated into a cinematic, theatrical device that has been used by film and theatre directors. Kreng scored more than 20 theatre- & danceproductions, almost all of them produced by Belgian cult theatre company Abattoir Fermé.
Kreng is the in-house composer of Abattoir Fermé since 2005.

Kreng’s acclaimed debut album, entitled L'Autopsie Phenomenale De Dieu, was released in 2009 on Erik Skodvin’s excellent Miasmah label (Svarte Greiner, Marcus Fjellström, Jacaszek, Elegi,… ). It was followed by the equally well-received Grimoire in 2011, also on Miasmah.

Arcanum is kind of a live set of Grimoire, set on visuals by Abattoir Fermé. A equally melancholic as disturbing ‘cinepoem’ or silent film, perfectly fitting Kreng’s dark and cinematic soundscape.

The show

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