Una settimana di bontà_stagione 2


Teatro Dadà, Castelfranco Emilia

25/05/2012 18.30  
26/05/2012 23.00  

direction Alessandro Panzavolta
video Francesco Tedde
live music Virginia Genta, David Vanzan
ideation of the board game ‘Cobain Affaire $$$’ Alessandro Panzavolta
in collaboration with Ane Lan, Luca Dubbini, Francesco Tedde
graphics Leila Gharib
with Silvano Voltolina (il presentatore), Jooklo Duo (la band), Francesco Tedde (l’operatore video), Luca Dubbini (il presidente della giuria)

Orthographe, dada prod.
created thanks to Accordo GECO 2 Giovani Evoluti e Consapevoli – Presidenza del Consiglio dei Ministri – Dipartimento della Gioventù – Regione Emilia-Romagna, realized by Emilia-Romagna Teatro Fondazione
diffusion dada prod.


Running time 1h 30’

World première

Reservation required

Una settimana di bontà is an art project that develops in various levels of expression and uses different kind of languages​​. The project concerns the publishing field, the performative and the theatrical one. The edition of the board game Cobain Affaire $$$ is aimed at creating a setting and a scenic backdrop functional to the performance, but is also itself a commercial product, a board game promoted and sold via web or directly to the public during the game sessions, in theater or in other performative contexts.
The staging of a tournament of Cobain Affaire $$$ in the theater involves the audience in a game characterized by ruthless rules, where the only purpose is control the information and gain easy, through alliances and strategic compromises. The show, that uses the elements and the dynamics of a television game show, will be hosted by a presenter who will be accompanied by his favorite band. The winner of each replica will be awarded a copy of the game Cobain Affaire $$$.



The Orthographe (Alessandro Panzavolta, Forlì 1975 / Angela Longo, Ravenna 1978) were instituted in Ravenna in 2004. Since their beginning, they have been working on the creation of works in which visual arts and theatre are mixed together and intertwined. Their research on optic devices applied on visual arts and theatre, brings Orthographe to the realization of works for the optic camera such as Orthographe de la physionomie en movement (2005 Biennale di Venezia theatre section) and Tentativi di volo (2007 What’s next Spielart München).
In 2009, the Orthographe produce Controllo Remoto (Rotterdamer Shouwburg), a phantasmagoria on war imaginary that goes from the first audiovisual devices of the civil war to the modern laser.
At VIE 2011, Orthographe presents the first part of the project Una settimana di bontà ( A week of kindness_ Season 1), a performance that investigates on mass media communication, its mechanisms of control and manipulation and the role played by new technologies in modern society.
Among their installations and performances, we mention ¡Thump flash! (2011), JP-8000 supersaw (2011), Gorgone I, II, III (2009>10), Fuoco bianco su fuoco nero, Erinnerung (2007). Since 2011, together with the independent label Presto!?, the company has been working on Paradoxes, a series of musical performances for planetary. Orthographe collaborates since 2007 with the musician Lorenzo Senni and the photographer Cesare Fabbri.

The show

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