Il racconto nascosto


Biblioteca Delfini, Modena

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Il racconto nascosto
Dal laboratorio di Parabole, tre modi di attraversare un testo


October 11th , Sunday, 3.30pm and 4.30pm. Biblioteca Delfini, Corso Canalgrande 103, Modena

A caso
Vagabondaggio tra i libri by and with Stefano Vercelli (Drama Teatri)
Free admission by booking, tel 059 2032940 (25 places)
“Causality is the philosophic principle which is the foundation of our conception about regularity of natural laws.. If the relation between cause and effect shows only a statistic validity and only a relative truth…that means that the link between events could be found in some circumstances of different nature than that causal one and needs a different interpretative principle” (C.G. Jung). A caso moves from the reflections of C.G. Jung on synchronicity and applies them to the reading, playing with casual opening in relationship with the spectators between the stuffs of a library, on Gattopardo ’s soundtrack. Different pieces , of various authors, will compose a final text that will reveal a further interpretative principle.

Stefano Vercelli, roman, began his formation with Barba’s Odin Teatret and continues in Poland following Grotowski’ s activities with the Teatr Laboratorium. Coming back in Italy he works for many productions of Centre for Theatre Research and Experimentation of Pontedera directed by Roberto Bacci. During his formation he works for a loto of theatral directors as Raul Ruiz, Silvia Pasello, Thierry Salmon, Alessandro Tognon, Sandro Berdini, Paolo Billi. Between 2001 and 2005 he teaches in the training courses of Emilia Romagna Teatro Formazione.

October 11th , Sunday, 5.30pm. Biblioteca Delfini, Corso Canalgrande 103, Modena

Gerardo Guccini, Magda Siti
Il Gattopardo tra parole e visioni
Free admission until book out.
Geraro Guccini and Magda Siti look for Luchino Visconti’s point of view between the pages of Gattopardo. Some characters have been reduced, other made over, the end is completely new, it doesn’t find feedback in the book. Entire chapters slide in the shade.

Visconti doesn’t choose and doesn’t invent casually. His modifications and his ideas answer to the text structure. So, swinging between romance and film, an historian and an actress will try to find Visconti in the world of words to meet again, trough our glance on his film, the work of Lampedusa’ s Prince.
Gerardo Guccini teaches theatre history, leads the review “Prove di drammaturgia” and is coordinator of CIMES. He edited monographs on theatre of the eighteenth-century, about Boito and around theatrical narration. He follows, as adviser, different experiences of contemporary theatre.

Magda Siti, actress, worked with the Teatro San Geminiano, Teatro Imprevisto, Cooperativa Il Ponte and Pontedera’ s CSRT. Between her plays, Exproff (1998), Humana Fiction (2000), La notte racconta (2003), La festa č finita (2004), Idioti illuminanti (2007) directed by Stefano Vercelli. She leads a lot of theatrical workshop for adults and children. She conceived and took care of the project I luoghi dell’imparare (2009).

October 12th , Monday, 6.30pm. Biblioteca Delfini, Corso Canalgrande 103, Modena
Luca Scarlini

Le rose di Angelica. Un carillon per Il Gattopardo
Free admission until book out.
Luca Scarlini bring us between Gattopardo’ s pages following the musicality of words, their rhythm and the musical structure of Lampedusa’ s Prince novel.
A reading based on the reconstruction of the musical paradigm of the novel, real narrative system, full of allusions and parallelism, not only in the final scene of the dancing event, but more thinly in all his framework from the beginning to the end, playing with a lot of recalls to other pages of Lampedusa, through testimonies and images of whom told it, included which one of the famous Visconti’s film.

Luca Scarlini, essayist, playwright , storyteller, teaches in the Brera’ s Academy, and writes n “Alias” of Manifesto. He leads the Festival MilanoOltre in Milan. Between his books: Lustrini per il regno dei cieli (Bollati Boringhieri), D’Annunzio a Little Italy (Donzelli), Corpi barocchi (Gaffi). He works as storyteller or with other Italian and foreign artists (musicians and dancers).

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