Dewey Dell

Ex-Ospedale Sant’Agostino , Modena

09/10/2009 19:15    19:30    19:45    20:15    20:30    20:45  
10/10/2009 19:30    19:45    20:30    20:45    21:30    21:45  
11/10/2009 19:30    19:45    20:30    20:45    21:30    21:45  
14/10/2009 19:15    19:30    19:45    20:15    20:30    20:45  

with Teodora Castellucci
choreography and costume Teodora Castellucci
original music Demetrio Castellucci
set, lights, realization of costume Eugenio Resta
assistance to creation Agata Castellucci
production Dewey Dell / Fies Factory One
organization Simona Barducci, Alba Pedrini
administration Fies Factory One

L’ETI Ente Teatrale Italiano
per le nuove creatività

subject to reservations

Running time 4'

A golden cloth as background to the epiphany of Baldassarre.
A few minutes lasting vision during which the hand of the Wise Man, symbol of the munificent generosity of the King, accomplishes its dance.
And back to the darkness from which everything has its origin you return like in a whirlpool, as if nothing has ever appeared.

Dewey Dell

Dewey Dell was formed in 2007 by four young people: the three brothers and sisters Teodora, Demetrio and Agata Castellucci and their fraternal friend Eugenio Resta. The four founders of the company have grown up artistically, sharing the important formative experience of the Stoa, the School for the rhythmic movement based in Cesena.
Teodora, Agata, Demetrio and Eugenio have strong skills in different areas. This took each of them to give priority to a specific aspect of the work, without giving up a collective modelling of materials.
Teodora is therefore author of choreographies and costumes, Demetrio composes the music, Eugenio designs the lights and takes care of the technical aspects of production, while Agata is the model, an ideal example of the presence on stage that the company researches.
The name Dewey Dell, who came after the formation around the personality of Teodora Castellucci, is a tribute to Faulkner and to the young girl of “As I lay daying”, under whose look the company prepares itself to wander towards the abyss.

(Adele Cacciagrano)

The show

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