Generazione Scenario-Anagoor

Ponte Alto, Modena

13/10/2009 20.15    22.15  

with Anna Bragagnolo, Pierantonio Bragagnolo
study of the movement Simone Derai, Anna Bragagnolo
filmed by Marco Menegoni, Moreno Callegari, Simone Derai
video editing and direction Simone Derai, Marco Menegoni
sound Marco Menegoni
assistance Marco Menegoni, Moreno Callegari
historical and iconographic advice professor Silvio D’Amicone
dramaturgy Simone Derai, Eloisa Bressan
direction Simone Derai
production Anagoor
coproduction Centrale Fies, Operaestate Festival and Regione Veneto

International première

Running time 1h

launch video

The show received a special mention from the jury of Premio Scenario 2009
The original meaning of Tempèstas was “time of day”. Only later did it come to mean a condition, an atmospheric state and lastly, in particular, violent, stormy weather. In The Tempest, in Fregio and in other paintings by Giorgione the moment when lightning strikes becomes frozen in the natural portrayal of the flash, the atmosphere and the light of a Veneto forever lost to us, as is perceived by taking in the weather and the various phases in the cycles of plant life, ravaged by the wind and drenched by the menacing black clouds. Grass, earth, wind, mists, water, light and storm-clouds: Nature affords a code – whose key is to be found in the wisdom of the Old Testament and in the apocalyptic texts – that heralds the end of the world.

Giorgione represents an artistic and spiritual sensitivity in which we recognize ourselves. We were brought up on it and, although somewhat different, our own formative experiences continue to feed on it. The nostalgia for an age of soil and dust and the attempt to reconcile it with modernity, including the deep rift, the ensuing tensions and their far-reaching effect on our society, have for some time characterized the works of ANAGOOR like lifeblood. We belong to a generation that has never known its virgin territory, and has grown up during and after its definitive destruction. (…) yet it is the first to have felt the effects of the anguish of a nuclear holocaust, the fear of pandemics, sexual diseases that have forever changed love and relationships and the anxiety of a visible ecological collapse. It is this perception of ourselves, on both a local and global basis, an intimate look and overview, which is the object of investigation.

Generazione Scenario-Anagoor

Set up in Castelfranco Veneto in 2000 ANAGOOR is comprised of a group of theatre artists - Simone Derai, Marco Menegoni, Anna Bragagnolo and Paola Dallan - who have worked together for over a decade. In 2008 ANAGOOR was a finalist in Premio Extra with *jeug, signalling new contemporary Italian theatre. With a view to decentralizing active cultural centres in early 2008 ANAGOOR opened LA CONIGLIERA in Castelminio di Resana in the province of Treviso. Located in the open countryside, this venue was created by converting a former rabbit farm into a theatre, which has now become a cradle of the performing arts. In 2007 the newspaper Il Corriere della Sera, together with the Veneto Region and Fuori Biennale, listed ANAGOOR in the publication Please Disturb as one of the four main contemporary theatre companies of the Veneto region. Again in 2007 OperaEstate Festival and Regione Veneto included ANAGOOR – along with Pathosformel, Babilonia Teatri and Grumor ¬– in Piattaforma Teatro Veneto: a showcase of the region’s new theatre companies. Every summer since 2003 ANAGOOR has organized a show in Castelfranco Veneto focussing on new Italian theatre, its main objective being to promote the genres of contemporary theatre and performance as expressive art forms.

The show

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