Generazione Scenario-Marta Cuscunà

Ponte Alto, Modena

15/10/2009 19.00    22.30  

conceived, written, directed and performed by Marta Cuscunà
construction of objects on stage Belinda De Vito
lights and sound Marco Rogante

International Première

Running time 1h 30'

launch video

Winner of the 2009 edition of Scenario per Ustica E' BELLO VIVERE LIBERI! is the work created by Marta Cuscunà that centres around the figure of Ondina Peteani, one of the first women to fight for the Liberation Movement who was subsequently deported to Auschwitz. This horrific experience was to haunt her to the end of her days.
The play, devised and acted by Marta Cuscunà herself, uses a variety of expressive languages: civil monologue, historical documentation and figurative theatre using puppets to tell of the daring adventures of the Partisans and to recall the horrors of life in the lager.
Marta Cuscunà’s work is based on looking at the Italian Resistance Movement from a fresh angle: through the eyes of a young girl who fought for freedom with passion and enthusiasm. Going beyond all the rhetoric and sterile notionism, E’ BELLO VIVERE LIBERI! attempts to examine a period that was so staggering and crucial in Italy’s history, one in which everything seemed possible.

Generazione Scenario-Marta Cuscunà

Marta Cuscunà was born in Monfalcone, a working-class city famous for its shipyard, which produced some of the world’s largest cruise liners, but which also holds the world record for the highest number of asbestos-related deaths.

Cuscunà studied at the Scuola Europea per l’Arte dell’Attore “Prima del Teatro” and from 2005 to 2008 also attended courses run by Joan Baixas, Paulo Duarte, Nuria Legarda (visual theatre), Agustí Humet, Xavier Algans, Jordi Muixi (musical theatre: L’Opera da tre soldi), Yuri Krasovskij (The actor: author of his own role. A study for Uncle Vanya, Three Sisters, The Cherry Orchard and The Seagull), José Sanchis Sinisterra, Francesco Manetti and Giovanni Greco (Coralità per attori e drammaturghi).
As an actor she played in Pescioḿni by Ugo Vicic (2004) and Pippo Pettirosso by Tullio Altan (2005) (productions by CTA-Centro Regionale di Teatro d’Animazione e di Figure), Merma Neverdies, a puppet show by Joan Miṛ, directed by Joan Baixas (2006, prod. Elsinor-Barcellona), Indemoniate! by Giuliana Musso and Carlo Tolazzi, directed by Massimo Somaglino (2007, prod. Teatro Club Udine, Teatro Stabile of the Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region).

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