Rhapsody (o alfabeto in sogno)


Ex-Sinagoga, Carpi

16/10/2009 23.00  
17/10/2009 21.00  

design and setting NicoNote

writing voice and live performance NicoNote
sound composition and live performance Mikael Plunian
literary consultancy Luca Scarlini
Light design Pietro Paroletti
CostumesOlivia Spinelli
Recordings Voice Laurence Chable, cello and double bass François Tanguy

Production MilanOltre
coproduction La Fonderìe - Le Mans

Reservation required

Running time 50'

NicoNote brings VIE Rhapsody (or alphabet dream) - an original composition in a single movement, inspired by “Glossolalia: a Poem about Sound” by distinguished Russian symbolist poet Andrei Belyj.
Rhapsody (or alphabet dream) is a concert designed for the stage, a live show.
Using different languages this song rediscovers the magical world of words and examines the nature of language, as well as the current usage and multiple forms of languages, as in a fairytale or a fantasy.
The work has been tailored and adapted to the enchanting setting of the ex-Synagogue in Carpi, where the stage setting acquires the more intimate and engaging connotation of a “chamber”.
Rhapsody (or alphabet dream) is a constant flux of sound that spans different musical realms; it is a stirring acoustic journey, a succession of plausible contexts in which to convey different emotional states within a continuous plot of unbroken sound.

For NicoNote Alphabets and Definitions form a pretext for experiencing many states of Existence, for fathoming the mystery of fragmentation in which we are submerged.
“Glossolalia”, in the biblical sense, is the speaking of tongues. In its modern meaning it is the phenomenon which refers to the ability of schizophrenics to speak unknown languages that make apparent sense, as though they were languages from a primitive inarticulate realm, the world of sounds in the making that are suddenly discovered, as happens with infants. In his poem Belyj examines 4 phases in the creation of Sound that correspond to 4 celestial bodies: Sun / Earth / Moon / Saturn. This characterizes the 4 different chromatic cores of the composition, of the Rhapsody that is, which by definition is a composition made up of recurring and improvised themes.
Four core themes emerge through the use of languages and words ranging from the Middle Ages to the contemporary era. NicoNote also portrays its own world following the literary impulses of playwright Luca Scarlini, backed by French composer Mikael Plunian, the wizard of electronic theatre, stage designer Pietro Paroletti and costume designer Olivia Spinelli, with whom the playwright has worked on various projects for a number of years.
Rhapsody (or alphabet dream) is a modulable, site-specific, in-progress performance that changes each time according to the surroundings and the audience, in the exchange of the here and now.


The show

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