A tua immagine

Generazione Scenario-Odemà

Ponte Alto, Modena

14/10/2009 19:00    22:00  

conceived and written by Davide Gorla
directed and performed by Enrico Ballardini,Giulia D'Imperio, Davide Gorla
original soundtrack Enrico Ballardini
lights Monica Gorla, Francesco Collinelli

World première

Running time 1h 10'

launch video

A tua immagine (In Your Image) received a special mention from the Premio Scenario 2009 jury and brings together for the first time Enrico Ballardini, Giulia D’Imperio and Davide Gorla, all of whom are actors from the Milanese theatre scene.
The lightness of tone of this mise-en-scène borders on that of pastiche as it tackles the themes and issues that form the basis of contemporary society. In the mists of a limbo, we encounter three characters who turn out to be the Devil, God and his son, Jesus. The Devil unveils a dreadful scenario: he describes a terrible God whose only plan is to dominate people, regardless of the suffering may causes them. This is an obvious provocation, which invites reflection, a theatrical image of reflection.
This plan leaves in its wake the most horrific, endless trail of death, abuse and iniquity in historical memory, which, miraculously, still survives today. The plan is too human and too material to be ascribed to a divine will, which on the one hand relieves the play and its characters from a weight that would otherwise be unbearable, yet on the other hand highlights the weakness of a society that is easy to mould and control.

Generazione Scenario-Odemà

Enrico Ballardini, actor, musician and singer-songwriter, trained with the Com Teatro di Corsico theatre company in the province of Milan, and has worked with it for many years. He has also enriched his acting experience by taking part in workshops held by Emma Dante, Danio Manfredini, Lorenzo Loris, Theodoros Terzopoulos and Tahdashi Suzuki. In theatre he has worked with directors like Claudio Orlandini and Emma Dante. He collaborates as an actor and musician with the Quelli di Grock company and various other youth theatre companies. He made his début as a director with In panne (Traps) by Friedrich Dürrenmatt and co-directed Gianni Hot’s Quando usciremo with Davide Gorla.
Giulia D'Imperio studied foreign languages and in 2002 she graduated from the Teatro Arsenale theatre academy in Milan. She continued her training by attending a variety of workshops, some of which were held by Claudio Orlandini and Emma Dante. In 2004 she graduated from a song and dance academy in Milan where she had her first experience of acrobatics, studied music and focused on the study of modern dance, ballet and tap. Over the years she has worked as an actor and dancer for youth theatre projects and for independent theatre and film productions.
Davide Gorla attended the Quelli di Grock stage school from 1996 to 1998. In 1999 he took part in the Com Teatro’s permanent workshop run by Claudio Orlandini, under whom he studied for several years. He also took part in several workshops, including some held by Domenique De Fazio, Danio Manfredini and Mamadou Dioume. In 2001 he began working as an actor for several theatrical companies (Com teatro, Out Off, Palchetto Stage and Oblò dell'oblio). In 2006 he débuted with Enrico Ballardini in Quando usciremo as actor and co-director. He now writes and stages shows to promote science for the Enrico Mattei foundation.

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