Dies Irae

Teatro Sotterraneo

Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

14/10/2009 21:00  
15/10/2009 19:00  

collective creation
with Sara Bonaventura, Iacopo Braca, Matteo Ceccarelli, Claudio Cirri
written by Daniele Villa

light design Roberto Cafaggini
costumes Lydia Sonderegger
technician consulting Loris Giancola

productiom Teatro Sotterraneo/Fies Factory One coproduction drodesera>Centrale FIES, AREA06, OperaEstate Festival Veneto togheter with Inteatro/Scenari Danza 2.0 AMAT Regione Marche

supported by ETI Ente Teatrale Italiano - Nuove Creatività, Regione Toscana

artistic residence Centrale FIES, Isola del Liri/AREA06, Polverigi/Inteatro Scenari Danza 2.0, Teatro delle Briciole - Solares Fondazione delle arti, PiM Spazio Scenico

thanks to Scandicci Cultura, Spazio Hangart (Pesaro), Teatro della Limonaia (Sesto Fiorentino)

World première

running time: 1h 15'

launch video

Think about when you lose something, something important. Think about when your brain suddenly tells you that something is missing and then it tells you what is missing and finally it tells you that you don't know where that thing is. It is a moment of total and primeval solitude. Other people say think of the last place where you saw it or think of the last time you used it. And you keep thinking. In the meanwhile, you ransack everywhere, even where you perfectly know it cannot be. It is a moment of total and primeval fear. If this happened to everybody at the same moment, our species would be annihilated. Everybody suddenly wide-opening his eyes. Everybody thinking about the last place and the last time. Whole civilizations fallen a prey to forgetfulness, ransacking the world. We learnt to name things not to forget them when they are missing: that's why we still mention the second book of Aristotle's Poetics, the Etrurian language, Atlantis; that's why the coccyx reminds us that once we had a tail. Time is full of cones of shade. They scare us, the five of us. And fear excites us. Shades deserve our full admiration. Hallelujah.

The show

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