Virgilio Sieni

Chiesa San Carlo, Modena

15/10/2009 20.45  
16/10/2009 20.00  

from the De Rerum Natura by Titus Lucretius Caro
conceived, directed and choreographed by Virgilio Sieni
collaboration on dramaturgy Giorgio Agamben
original music Francesco Giomi
voice Nada Malanima
Simona Bertozzi, Ramona Caia, Elsa De Fanti, Dorina Meta, Massimiliano Barachini, Giuseppe Comuniello, Jacopo Jenna, Csaba Molnŕr, Daniele Ninarello
with the participation of
people from Ravenna
costumes Manuela Menici
lights Virgilio Sieni
technical director Eugenio Marrč Brunenghi
lighting technician Luisa Giusti
masks Istvan Zimmermann, Giovanna Amoroso – Plastikart


Ravenna Festival 2009, Compagnia Virgilio Sieni
togheter with
Academy on the art of the gesture, Municipality of Florence
with the support of
Ministry for Cultural Heritage and Activities , Region of Tuscany

Running time 1h 10'

Oro explores Lucretius’ De Rerum Natura through a journey into the age of man that uses listening and tactility to save the gesture of the “other.” Four episodes appear, four questions asked of time: they are like choreographic processions that reflect on the fleetingness of life from the point of view of equilibrium, on blindness, on the age of the body and on death. This voyage on the ship of life is immersed in slowness and seeks the tenuousness that always seems to regenerate itself in something else, in another substance of beauty.

Fleetingness is gold, and gold is the action to be captured in decanting the time of childhood.
Gold is the gesture that helps others.

Along with the company’s dancers, Oro presents some choreographic choruses composed of local residents from in and around Ravenna: a group of 11/13-year-old adolescent girls and a group of men over 70.
The long path of approach called for an exploration of the territory, constructing intense experiences focusing on the transmission of the gesture, which gave life to nuclei scattered around the map of the city according to age and place. Oro contains the seed of this approach.

The four choreographies that make up Oro create extremely exiguous spaces between tenuousness and time: men and women, children and senior citizens involved in seeking the first gesture, the last gesture, the origin of things and of the face. Presences always united with one another, joined as with umbilical cords, choreographic processions.

equilibrium as material substance of time, between a woman and the encounter with elderly men: where the energies that condense in the atmosphere perish and only at that point and at that moment generate the equilibrium, the infinitesimal fleetingness of beauty

the age of man and time; a decanting of gestures in the symbiosis of an adolescent girl and an elderly woman, in a rhythm tapped out by the toe shoes worn by five girls

two blind dancers dance with five little girls to the sound of the dance step: sight and blindness, the passing away of the image and the object in the eye; being beyond the image and seeking the seed of the gaze in touching and listening

does death have a gesture? The death of five quintuplets inspired by the VI book of the De rerum natura, the description of the plague in Athens, the overflow of pained bodies and their plea for comfort and closeness. A choreography about support

Virgilio Sieni


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