Jean-Benoît Ugeux/Apoptose Théâtre

Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

10/10/2009 22:30  
11/10/2009 21:00  
12/10/2009 22:00  
13/10/2009 22:00  

Author / stage director Jean-Benoît Ugeux
Playwrights Françoise Bloch, Jean-Bastien Tinant
Cast Henri Monin (the father), Sophia Leboutte (the second wife), Mieke Verdin (the aunt), Yoann Blanc (the son), Marie Bos (the daughter)
Pianist Alberto Di Lena
Stage design / costumes Anne Guilleray
Sound design Brice Cannavo
Light design Fred Vaness
Technical coordination Fred Op De Beeck
Assistant Amandine Zurbuchen

A co-production of the
Théâtre de la Place/Liege, the Apoptose Théâtre, the Théâtre National de la Communauté française, PROSPERO and the KVS.
With the support of the French-speaking Community in Belgium – Theatre department and of the European Union Culture Programme

Play in french with italian subtitles

National premiere

Running time 1h 40'

In the offices of a successful modern company, on the top floor of an enormous skyscraper with a view overlooking nothingness, a summit meeting is taking place in which no-one will be spared...

A young woman joins a company with a roaring turnover and ruthlessly ambitious, greedy shareholders, whose memories are either too short or too long, depending on the situation. This young woman will discover both the concealed and frightening realities, relationships of power and pain, victims deeply-hidden behind managers’ speeches and new communication, going by the name of IT and Knowledge Management, and colleagues who smile at their opponents while stabbing them in the back, who smooth-talk while destroying them.
Until she learns that words no longer have a meaning. And that it is probably just as well.
Wrecked marriages, silent and patient castrations, unfulfilled desires, skilfully sharpened jealousies, uncontrollable pressure, crises, abandoning and discredit: in his creation S.P.R.L. Jean-Benoît Ugeux closely intermingles the world of the family and that of business. Two entities that appear to be completely different from each other, but which have several convergences and issues in common. A place of strong competition, latent war, internal struggles. The heart of deep tears, with or without noise. A unit where any member who does not fit in with the “norm” must adapt or take a back seat. Economic liberalism, affective liberalism: companies and families become indubitably linked.
Faced with this observation, Jean-Benoît Ugeux, author and stage director of this play, wished to dissect the cogs of the family and of the business world. A reflection on the structures and excesses of work in Western European society. Observing the relations of power, pressure and possession, SPRL swings constantly and tortuously between these two worlds which never cease to confront and enrich each other.

Jean-Benoît Ugeux/Apoptose Théâtre

After studying at the Liege Conservatoire, Jean-Benoît Ugeux emigrated to the Northern part of the country where he worked at the Victoria Theatre (Ghent) with Wayn Traub on “Maria Dolores” and Lies Pauwels in “White Star”.
Still in the Ghent area, where he lived for two years, “Zaï Zaï Zaï Zaï” was created in 2003 with Anne-Cécile Vandalem in the Résidence Catherine troop. In 2006, the same troop produced the second work “Hansel and Gretel” at the Emulation Festival. In the meantime, Jean-Benoît Ugeux continued his partnerships as both actor and author, both in Belgium and abroad (Wayntraub, I. Vrambout, W. Vandekeybus, R. Garcia, ...)
In 2007, further to the breakup of the troop, he created a new NPO – called Apoptose – which is involved in theatre and cinema productions, and radio and visual creations and with which he has prepared his new creation, “SPRL” along with a radio creation on the text “Gaspard” by Peter Handke.
At the cinema, he was seen in “Viandes” by B. Deville, “What makes you happy” by J. Lafosse, “My Angel” by S. Frydman and “Retraite” by F. Pirot, with whom he is currently co-writing a full-length film called “Mobilhome”. More recently, he played the leading part in “Menteur”, a full-length film by T. Geens and is currently writing a short film called “Avant-terme”.
Jean-Benoît Ugeux is also a photographer and an electro-acoustic musician.

The show

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