In a landscape

Daniele Albanese

Ex-Ospedale Sant’Agostino , Modena

10/10/2009 20:00    21:00  
11/10/2009 20:00    21:00  

Dance and dramaturgy Daniele Albanese
Assistance to dramaturgy Loredana Scianna and Maurizio Soliani
music composed by Maurizio Soliani

Reservation required

Running time 20'

In a landscape, was born for an urban open space situation. Now, here, it is proposes again for an enclosed space, an ideal situation to underline the most dark looks of the work.

The creative process is based on the idea of Wind, not in an atmospheric sense. The wind here is meant as creator and motor of changes and dynamics (in the physical and musical score).
So, the wind is generates by all life’s suggestions and alterations, that twist and change the movement.
mutano il movimento.
Like the wind, also in that case the force that moves is invisible, what we can perceive - through movement and sound - is the result of a passage... in a landscape not still urban, however very far from the usual theatrical venues.

The show

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