dos joelhos para baixo

Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

15/10/2007 20:30  
16/10/2007 22:30  

creation and interpretation Márcia Lança
artistic collaboration Iuri Albarran e Tiago Hespanha
music and sound design Nuno Morão
drawings Márcia Lança
photography Iuri Albarran
artistic residency Espaço do Tempo, Montemor-o-Novo and Atelier, Lisbon
production Márcia Lança

Thanks to Ana Rita Costa, Andrea Brandão, António Lança, Bruno Caracol, Cristina Cartaxo, José Valério and team from CCB, Lluis Ayet, Mafalda Oliveira, Marie Mignot, Children from the ATL of the school nº6 Campo de Ourique, Natália Lança, Nicolas Duquerroy, Observatório Crítico dos Jovens Artistas Jovens, Pedro Pires and Teatro Praga, Raphäel Michon, Sofia Campos and atelier, Tiago Lança



Starting off from a drawing produced on a summer camp at Primary School of Campo de Ourique in which the traces of pencil were deleted by an eraser, I noticed that erasing without leaving any trace was impossible. After this episode, I spent a year drawing. I used to select a moment on a day that has happened on a specific space and draw the course that other people and I had done in that place. Thus, in order to enable movement in the sheet of paper it was constantly necessary to erase ourselves and redraw us in other area of the sheet. I realized that the courses and movements of the people in the drawing could be reconstructed through the traces left from the act of erasing. I placed this question on the stage, transferring from the use of paper sheet as the support to the use of space as the support. I kept the paper sheet and worked it on studio making it interact with me. Out of these experiences, that were initially reduced to the transformation of sheet of paper as a matter in other matters, it came out a series of actions with men and women in paper. These characters are exposed to a sequence of happenings that determine their ending or continuation in the piece. A city of paper starts slowly gaining form.

Márcia Lança

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