Portar bene

A poet in the houses

Ingresso Municipio Palazzo Scacchetti, Carpi

01/01/2007 18:00  
12/10/2007 18:00    21:00  
13/10/2007 21:00  

by and with Mariangela Gualtieri

RUNNING TIME 25/30mins


ďThere are worlds and people that couldnít know that the poetry is pleasant and necessary. For a lot of people it remains a text to know by heart, for others itís something too difficult.
Iíd like to give rise in this people the need of beneficial words. The need to give voice to all is dispirited inside the people.

There are people that donít go to the theatre o in a square to listen the verse of a poetry. So Iíd like to do a militant and millmetric act, far away from the scene. Iíd like to go in the houses and bring inside the poetry where usually enter the words of information, commercial and politics.
Iíd like to go to bless, like the clergymen before the Easter, and clean all that move away ourselves from our central fire.

Iím convinced about the function of ďantidoteĒ of the poetry and also about its strength of medicine that chase away the diseases. The poetry is a value in opposition at the horror, the violence, the madness and the cruelty of humankind. Itís a value that fight the dark energize placed inside each of us and it harden and dry up ourselves.
Itís necessary start to work this mass of pain, and make it all together, in a ritually, artistically and simply way. We must stop one moment on the abyss that we have inside and give to ours pity the right words.
What can do this better than poetry? And whatís the batter place than the house with its residents in a peaceful west night?Ē

The show

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