Madrigale appena narrabile

for voice and violoncello

Teatro Cittadella, Modena

17/10/2007 23:00  
18/10/2007 18:00  
19/10/2007 23:00  

by Chiara Guidi and Scott Gibbons
textsClaudia Castellucci
musical collaboration Lavinia Bertotti, Eugenio Resta
voice Marco Andretti, Angela Burico, Alessandro Cafiso, Mara Cassiani, Maria Costantini, Rascia Darwish, Maria Gabriella Gasparri, Simona Generali, Diego Invernizzi, Margareth Kammerer, Sabina Laghi, Sandro Mabellini, Sara Masotti, Caterina Moroni, Alessandra Pasi, Eleonora Ribis
partecipants at the course of alta formazione per performer dello spettacolo dal vivo FSE 2006 Rer D.G.R. 879/2006

a special thanks to
Stefano Amaducci, Teodora Castellucci, Stephan Duve, Monica Demuru, Giovanni Lindo Ferretti, Roberta Ioli, Dalmazio Masini, Francesco Raffaelli, Giancarlo Schirru, Oriano Spazzoli



Chiara Guidi titled to the voice – and to a “molecular” technique of composition and use of voice that she develop – a Course of specialization that took place in Cesena during the 2007.
This is an experimental presentation of a madrigal, that combine community singing, acting and the music development of vocal pieces collecting during the Course with Scott Gibbons.
This madrigal of XXI century, meet the word in its relationship with the music. It doesn’t use the word like a support to make sound to the fore, but it try to flare up its meaning, hidden to the disused and inactive appearance of the words. The text is situated in a point of consistence dimly tellable, before and after the silence. Poor word. In this incertitude is situated the sense of speak, with the attention to the words that have the secret of life.

The show

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