Ingresso Municipio Palazzo Scacchetti, Carpi

19/10/2007 20:00    21:30    23:00  
20/10/2007 20:00    21:30    23:00  

direction David Batignani, Natascia Curci
with the sig. Ker, mrs. Messe and for the first time on the scene mister Van



Once lights are off, unknown dark suburbs are left. Life arises in the carriages leading towards new cities. A caravan with circus-like ornaments stands parked, while all the audience outside is welcomed to the ticket issuing box and let in. The show has already started. A red carpet serves as inlet walkway, protected by a bright veranda, a cart, ropes and crates. Alterning entries and exits give space to two persons who graze and run into each other, though they never really meet. Our walls are thin, the floor is unstable and the short time ruins intimacy.

The show

Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival is an Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione project,