A rebours

Piazza Garibaldi, Carpi

18/10/2007 19:00  

by Compagnia Arearea
with Silvia Bertoncelli, Marta Bevilacqua, Roberto Cocconi, Luca Zampar
music by Alva Noto+Ryuichi Sakamoto, Aphex Twin, CocoRosie, Giovanni Sollima, Fernando Sor


You wanted to drink the wine glass up to the last drop,
without listening to me.
Beside you I framed unwillingly
all of your portraits
of sadness

A rebours means backwards, to bashful, counter current.
And against the citys' time that runs, we take off a piece of quiet, a space absorbed in the civilization but extraneous to its own inhabitants, where the sounds tend to screech, where the buzz is listened in the detail.
Almost to escape from nature and life, four characters with a decadent taste don't expect anything, they wall up and equip themselves of oriental cloths, tapestries with liturgical taste, they cultivate flowers that, also being true, appear artificial, they perform abnormal loves, they prefer an imagined trip than a realized trip.

The show

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