Circolo Loris Guerzoni, Carpi

16/10/2007 20:30  
17/10/2007 20:30  
18/10/2007 20:30  

a play of Elisabetta Faleni and Valentino Infuso
with Laura Gamucci, Corinna Agustoni, Valentino Infuso
and with the musician Roberto Zanisi
taste consulting Davide Oldani
direction Elisabetta Faleni
from a project of Valentino Infuso
coadjutants Pia Di Simine, Salvatore Fiorni, Valentina Fogliani, Emilia Impero
photo Sara Benedetti
production Teatro in Polvere - Valentino Infuso
stage wine Cantina Formigine-Pedemontana - Corlo di Formigine (Mo)

RUNNING TIME: 2hrs 15mins


Theatre-Cuisine: Convivial entertainment in five-course and two acts is a play where the audience relish the work of the actor around the evocation, preparation and enjoyment of dishes, that drawn oneís inspiration from the Italianís regional tradition.
Itís really a play-convivial in five-course and two acts, from bread to dessert, to coffee, and as accompaniment four types of wine, each of one that come from a different region of Italy.
There are also music, song and dance; three actors act and express their self in different regional dialects, a musician that play fourteen different instruments, stringed and wind instruments and percussion. Itís a mix to music and flour, dance and water, song and wine.

The show

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