Vexilla regis prodeunt inferni

Ponte Alto, Modena

18/10/2007 20:30    23:59  
19/10/2007 21:00    23:59  
20/10/2007 20:30    23:59  

direction Romeo Castellucci
with Sonia Beltran Napoles, Soriano Ceccanti, Silvia Costa, Victorine Mputu Liwoza, Gianni Plazzi, Sergio Scarlatella
with the special partecipation of ZU
technic Salvo Di Martina, Giacomo Gorini, Federico Lepri, Luciano Trebbi
properties Carmen Castellucci, Sergio Scarlatella
production of stage properties Plastikart, Istvan Zimmermann
taxidermy Antonio Berardi
organization Gilda Biasini, Benedetta Briglia, Cosetta Nicolini
administration Elisa Bruno, Michela Medri
administrative consultancy Massimiliano Coli
production Socžetas Raffaello Sanzio with the collaboration of Emilia Romagna Teatro
thanks to Selina Bassini, Laura Scodella & Juri Roverato, equestrian club "La Pampa" amateur sports club




It's available e shuttle bus from Teatro delle Passioni to Ponte Alto. Departure time an half an hour before the beginning of the play

The performance consists of a series of scenes aimed to a future work for Avignon Festival 2008, based upon Danteís Commedia. Itís a series of non-linked images, performed into different spaces within an abandonment architecture. Symbols. The history of Movement. The first and last form of light. Manís grace and malediction. Things belonging to people. A leather glove that picks up the bridles of the Form tah Dante left on the ground. The title suggests that visions are vexilla inferni the approaching standards of the King of Hell, like Luciferís six wings described in verses 46-52 of Inferno last part.
Things that are approaching, getting closer and closer. Thing of this world. Approaching like standards, like images that never ceased to live with people. This could be my dice throw now, people.

Romeo Castellucci

ďVexilla regis prodeunt inferniĒ ( Inf., XXXIV, 1 )

The show

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