Teatro delle Passioni, Modena

19/10/2007 18:00  
20/10/2007 23:00  

by and with Vincenzo Pirrotta
scenography Emanuele Luzzati
songs Mario Spolidoro
direction by Vincenzo Pirrotta
direction assistant
Igor Canto
lights Lello Falcone


“N’GNANZOU’” texts were were the result of a research by Vincenzo Pirrotta, a young and already famous “cuntista” (story teller). The research was conducted among the fishermen of Favignana and Trapani (Sicily). Our interest in this ancient form of oral story telling tradition was so deep that we felt almost compelled to find a way of staging it. The texts presented in this work are part of the best sicilian tradition dealing with tunny-fishing. The title is an onomatopoeia of the sound made by the fishermen taking their nets back and gives us the chance of telling stories about fishermen, the Mediterranean sea, its light and sun, between myth and reality. The plot: two tune fishermen are aboard their paranza (Sicilian boat) waiting for the fishes to arrive. In the meantime they start telling each other all the stories they know about their father, the sea, about their fears and joys. At the end the fishes arrive and and there’s no more time left, they take their harpoons and start killing the tuna-fishes.

The show

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