Il Duca delle Prugne

Variety theatre of pleasure

Circolo Polivalente Olimpia, Vignola

18/10/2007 21:00  
19/10/2007 21:00  
20/10/2007 21:30  

direction and choreography Roberto Castello
With the collaboration of Alessandra Moretti e Stefano Questorio
music Stefano Giannotti, aa.vv.
light designGianni Pollini
with Caterina Basso, Silvia Berti, Claudia Catarzi, Cristian Cerruto, Beatrice Cevolani, Sara Dal Corso, Alessandra Moretti, Mariano Nieddu, Tommaso Parisi, Stefano Questorio, Ambra Senatore, Romina Uguzzoni, Irene Vecchio, Valentina Versino
video ALDES
costumes in collaboration with ROSE E SASSI di Alessandra Marchi
set Andrea Natalini
organization Simona Cappellini
press office Eliana Amadio
production ALDES, Santarcangelo 07 International Festival of the Arts, Drodesera Festival '07,
L'Arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino, Il Gruppo Libero - Teatro San Martino
with support of Ministero per i Beni e le AttivitÓ Culturali / Dip. Spettacolo, REGIONE TOSCANA / Sistema Regionale dello Spettacolo


Duca of the Plums offers to the spectators one pleasant intermission: two presentators alternate in introducing comic ballets, sketches and strip tease. The representation of the present, thematic of the multianual project The best one of the possible worlds which completed six of the ten previewed parts, comes momentarily suspended in favour of investigations around the concept of the pleasure that, in spite of the curtain raiser style, is not embezzled to the soft reflection. The public, in fact, are received from the artists in elegant evening dresses in a nightclub full of chairs and small tables. The public find a men¨ from which it is possible to choose good wines, super alcoholic, refine plates and an immense assortment of services that go from massages of varied nature, to the possibility to be refresh from one kindly or more graceful sventagliatici, to the service of massages between the spectators, to Polaroid fotos, various types of kisses. When the spectators are sistemated, while the public continues to drink, to eat and to use of the services, start the sequence of the numbers that, in relaxed atmosphere, follow the pleasure and bring, after hours of relax enjoyment, to the great end.
The Duca of the Plums, more than a show, is a enjoyable and luxury experience in condition to put the spectators in sharing with the interpreters for the occasion to reflect on self relationship with the pleasure, the money and the superfluous .
The title of the show is taken from a famous , and from strongly erotic content, track of Frank Zappa. The project is cured by Roberto Castello with the collaboration of Alessandra Moretti and Stefano Questorio, music by Stefano Giannotti, light design by Gianni Pollens

The show

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