Tentativi di volo

spettacolo per camera ottica

ITIS Fermo Corni, Modena

13/10/2007 16:00    17:30    19:00  
14/10/2007 17:00    18:30    22:30  
15/10/2007 17:30    19:30    21:00  

direction and optical camera by Alessandro Panzavolta
with Roberta Galassini, Sara Masotti, Valentina Parmigiani, Angela Longo
lights giver Francesco Antonelli
props Roberta Galassini, Sara Masotti, Francesco Antonelli
sounds Alessandro Panzavolta
environmental registration Lorenzo Senni
photos by Cesare Fabbri
production and diffusion Alessandra Simeoni
production Orthographe, Inteatro, Spielart Factory - Munich,
Rotterdamse Schouwburg, Pumpenhaus Münster
financing by Fondazione per la Cultura della Germania Federale
with the support of Allianz-Kulturstiftung and Moving'up
project realized with the support of GAI- Associazione per il Circuito dei Giovani Artisti Italiani/ PROGRAMMA MOVIN'UP
special thanks toSara Circassia,Teatro delle Albe and the technical staff




The Ortographe company was constituted in 2004, related to the optical camera research by Alessandro Panzavolta. The first production Studio nr.1 of Orthographe de la physionomie en movement was presented in Faenza, at Museo Carlo Zauli, in may 2004 together with Francesca Amati. The Studio was selected to be part of the 37th edition of Biennale di Venezia, theatre section directed by Romeo Castellucci. The complete work, now including Sabrina Maggiori and Sonia Brunelli, was presented in Venice in September 2005 and subsequently performed within the programmes of many italian and international Festivals.
At present two new works are under construction: Erinnerung, an acoustic project that scores the asymmetrical repetitions of prime numbers. The work, with the collaboration of Lorenzo Selmi, consists of a musical concert in an empty room at sunset.
The second work, Tentativi di volo, is a performance for optical camera exploring the experience of night flight during sleeping. The experience is one of the most represented by literature and painting, and it is strongly related to sound, rather then to image. The work will be premiered at Spielart Fest, Muenchen, in November 2007 within the What’s next. A theatre generation project. Four internationally acclaimed theatre companies (Raffaello Sanzio Societas IT, Forced Entertaiment GB, NT Gent BE, Needcompany NE) will perform the work of four young companies.

The show

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