Le Grand Dehors

Teatro Comunale, Modena

16/10/2007 20:30  

choreography and concept Emmanuelle Huynh
fabrication, dance Stéphanie Beghain, Nuno Bizarro, François Chaignaud, Emmanuelle Huynh, Marlene Monteiro-Freitas, Joana von Mayer Trindade
music Pierre Jodlowski
set designLaurent P. Berger
writing workshopsFrançois Bon
assistent to the director/concept Matthieu Doze
dramaturgy assistant Jeanne Revel
lighting Yannick Fouassier
costumes Michelle Amet
coproduction Centre national de danse contemporaine Angers, Les Spectacles vivants-Centre Pompidou, Ircam Institut de recherche et coordination acoustique/musique-Centre Pompidou
with the tecnical support of d’éOle collectif de musique active



During the creation of a new performance, there are always some scraps, like leftovers of a dinner.
We create a lot of gestures, movements, that we call improvisations. And every performance leaves on its back its cortege of non-chosen dances, lost and abandoned.
Nevertheless, these scraps belong to the performance itself.
I do not have any nostalgic or fetishist relationship with those fragments of dances, but I ask myself what those dances have seen that I did not see at the time in which they were born. Crises, transformations, that I did not notice but I am sure have passed into my gestures. I wish to give voice and sound to what I did not see yesterday and gives shape or destroy the world nowadays.
François Bon has this habit to imagine the world through something that he has written on his diary. I step into these last years of work taking with me what still sounds nowadays thanks to his help. We imagine a text to be understood by the public by blocks.
Pierre Jodlowski, who I met two years ago for this project, write an extremly earthly music. He is used to work directly on the gesture, musical or danced.
Matthieu Doze is assistant to the general conception.
Between us, now, a black box: an object through which we can be observed, a transitional body.
It is a sophisticated object which can react to my movements producing sounds, music, voices.
From the performance of June 2006, I tried to unite my dance to the music and the text.
In March 2007, I will expand my dance adding four or five dancers, attempting to face the gestures of the Grand Dehors.

Emmanuelle Huyhn
February, 20th 2006

The show

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