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The beauty is a serious thing.
Ití terribly serious, for Dostoevskij.
Itís like this, because in the beauty can be seen the freedom that is in the heart of things.
The beauty is an invitation to say yes, without reasons.
Or better, there are some reasons, but they come after.
The freedom comes before.

Sergio Givone

The myth of safety is today a topic that rally around it, debates, conflicts and daily tragedies. The fear pervades a lot of places and actions of our life. We would like to control what is wild, sensual, fictitious, free, mysterious and unexplainable. The theatre is out of control, itís a place where is possible cross the borders and the fences, itís a limit between ours and other peopleís fears. The theatre, like the sirens, is ferocious and beauty, itís live in the abysses in a fertile and legendary ground but a lot of people try to block it. Its call is not audible but it could drive mad, who heard it.

The sirens are a imaginary combinations of animal and human, they was born from a mixing between different creatures and genders and they have not a precise identity like the contemporary languages of the art. This attractive creatures, women and fishes, have a strong symbolic connotation and they represent the research of happiness and death. VIE Scena Contemporanea Festival, with the tension to make possible the surfaced of what is submerged, is itself siren, chimaera, fusion and crossing of different gender.
Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival is an Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione project,