Teatro Comunale, Modena

26/10/2006 20:30  
27/10/2006 20:30  

by Johann Wolfgang von Goethe
direction Eimuntas Nekrošius
with Vladas Bagdonas, Salvijus Trepulis, Povilas Budrys, Vaidas Vilius, Elzbieta Latènaité, Kestutis Jackstas, Gabrielia Kuodytè, Viktorija Streica, Margarita Ziemelytè
scenography Marius Nekrošius
costumes Nadezda Gultiajeva
musics Faustas Latenas
production Meno Fortas Vilnius
co-production Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione, Théâtre de la Place Liège, ministero della Cultura Lituano
in collaboration with Aldo Miguel Grompone
duration 4 hours with 2 breaks

After Shakespeare and Cechov, Eimuntas Nekrosius takes inspiration from literature and Faust the masterpiece by Goethe. The story takes origin from a popular German tale in which Johann Faust, an old scientist, sells his soul to the devil to gain youth, knowledge and power. A great challenge for Nekrosius and the company Meno Fortas who face modern man and his continuous effort to go beyond limits. In the first prologue, Faust is desperate: all his knowledge does not let him know the intimate essence of Nature, so he decides to use magic. The Devil challenges God, demonstrating that Faust longs for a pleasure that only the abandon of knowledge procures.

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