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Teatro Ermanno Fabbri , Vignola

30/05/2013 21:00  
31/05/2013 21:00  

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conception and direction Florence Caillon
choreographic writing Florence Caillon
music Xavier Demerliac, Florence Caillon
lights Dominique Maréchal, Gilles Mogis
costumes Flora Loyau
with Valentine Mathiez, Sébastien Jolly, Arnaud Jamin, Marion Soyer, Guillaume Varin

Le Rive Gauche, scène conventionnée - St Etienne Du Rouvray , Le Grand Théâtre De Lorient

with the support of La Drac (76), La Région Haute-Normandie, Le Conseil Général Seine Maritime, la Ville de Rouen e l'ADAMI
residence and other contribution Le Carré Magique, scène conventionnée, Lannion (22), La Gare - Fontenay Le Comte (85), La Passerelle - Mauléon (44)

Running time 1h 20'

National Première

Named after the french expression used to indicate the space between the frame and the image of a painting, Marie-Louise is a sensitive and emotional trip amidst the history of painting.
From Bosch to Edward Hopper, Miró, Egon Schiele, and many others, Marie-Louise is seeking to catch different pictorial issues, themes, colours, feelings… and observe the relations with our contemporary world.
On a big screen, somewhat cinematographic, paintings appear as a metaphor for life. Huge, upsetting, and yet familiar…
This hybrid play involves choreographic and circus techniques, music and video projection. It deals with incarnation, body states and painting of the world.

“In those days when uninterrupted activity has become a way of living, the act of contemplating seems to me more necessary than ever" says Florence Caillon who continues: "I imagined Marie-Louise as a painting of the world : with fragments of images, close-ups, gestures, a few laughs…
Try to picture a strange world inhabited by strange people. With bright light and backlight. Try to picture human beings, their doubts, their failures, their hopes… their obstinacies.”
Marie-Louise's alchemy lies certainly in this real crossing of the languages, on one hand an intense choreographic comment freed from the gravity, on the other the art of the circus which feeds the show with a real dreamlike dimension.
Everything contributes to emphasize a writing that has much to do with the cinema - lighting, centring, depth of field. We flirt here with a modern expressionism and a tribute to Fellini.


The shows of L’Eolienne aim to question reality and the world around us. Using circus and choreographic techniques, they are about the human of today, in his own environment and time.
Since 1999, Florence Caillon has been developping an original approach of the acro-choreographic movement by mixing circus techniques and dancing movements, she calls it "choreographed circus". She is not that interested in traditionnal circus performances, prefering other less sensational and competitive forms of body movements. This research in new body movements is explored on newly invented circus apparatus, or using the traditionnal apparatus differently. In that way she creates the technique of “staffs” in 1998.
The use of voices in all sorts of ways (talking, wispering, singing...), the importance given to music, and the links to the world of cinema are also a particularity of the work in the company.
The performers are at the center of the process of creation. A reliable group of circus and dance artists are part of the acro-choreographic research of the company, as they build a common choreographic language together from their individual techniques, which is enriched by every participant.
Tireless eclectic Florence Caillon shares her time between the artistic direction of L’Eolienne and music composing for television, cinema, and live performances.
After Polar Cirque (1999) Séquences(2002), Jardins d’Eden provisoirement (2005), Uncabared (2005) and Marie-Louise (2007), The Iceberg is the 6th show created by the company.
The company L’Eolienne has partnerships with le Ministère de la Culture-Drac de Haute-Normandie (French Ministry of Arts and Culture), and with le Conseil Régional de Haute-Normandie. It is supported by le Conseil Général de Seine-Maritime and la Ville de Rouen (local institutions and city council).

The show


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