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Biblioteca comunale "A. Delfini", Modena

Autocritica is a moment of encounter-confrontation between the actors, who participated in the training projects and production of ERT / Cantiere delle Arti, and some Italian theater critics. The participants will be completely free to compare themselves on the manner and on the topics they will choose: according to the structure of the meeting, the critic is the first speaker, and therefore also the conductor of a debate - conversation that will stimulate and pick up the most interesting and useful questions for both sides. Piergiorgio Giacchè will be more a coordinator rather than the "coach" of these meetings. The meetings (Friday, May 24 at 15.00 with Renato Palazzi, Saturday 25 May at 15.00 with Franco Cordelli and Sunday 26th 11.00 with Oliviero Ponte di Pino) are not open to the public but will be able to accommodate a limited number of listeners, upon explicit request. Anyone interested can send an e-mail to:

"CROCEVIE fra teatro e carcere. Prologo"

27TH MAY at 16.30

Teatro Delle Passioni, Modena

Crocevie 2013

On the 27th of May at 16.30, will take place at Teatro delle Passioni a meeting by Coordinamento Teatro Carcere Emilia Romagna. A "PROLOGO" (PROLOGUE) in the form of open meeting between representatives of the institutions, actors and artists to reflect on the work path of Coordinamento Teatro Carcere Emilia Romagna to be implemented next autumn in collaboration with ERT. CROCEVIE stays for junctions of looks and experience among filmmakers, actors and spectators who normally are not intended to meet, except occasionally in "corners" provisionally open in the programmes of the theaters. A project that sees theater as a vehicle for growth and change for prisoners-actors and the work in prison as an opportunity to verify and re-invent the statutes of theatre for the artists who work there. A cross of experiences to open to the audience as an opportunity of experience and knowledge, as well as to cross stigma and prejudice. The meeting will collect testimonies, reflections, ideas for CROCEVIE of autumn.
Free entry.

from 16.30 to:
With the participation of:
Massimo Mezzetti (Council member - Culture of Regione Emilia Romagna)
Teresa Marzocchi (Council member - Social Politics of Regione Emilia Romagna)
Pietro Buffa (Regional Superintendent of Prison of Emilia Romagna)
Ilaria Fabbri (Director of the Entertainment Industry of Regione Toscana)
Graziella Gattulli (Manager fund raising for culture, contemporary art and show of Regione Lombardia)
Antonio Taormina (Regional Observatory of Entertainment)
Paolo Billi (direcotr of Teatro del Pratello, Chairman coordinator of Teatro Carcere Emilia Romagna)
Michelina Capato Sartore (director, president of e.s.t.i.a.- Casa di reclusione di Milano-Bollate)
Giulia Innocenti Malini (scholar and educator at Casa di reclusione di Verziano BS)
Grazia Isoardi (director of Voci Erranti - Casa di reclusione R. Morandi di Saluzzo)
Vito Minoia (director Teatro Aenigma - Case circondariali di Pesaro e di Ancona, head of the National coordination of Teatro in carcere)
Armando Punzo (director of Compagnia della Fortezza Volterra, Chairman coordinator of  Teatro in Carcere Regione Toscana)

Coordinator Cristina Valenti (lecturer at UniversitĂ  di Bologna, scientifc adviser of Teatro Carcere Emilia Romagna)



Write and paint on the walls of New York, Modena and Bologna

31 May from 15.30 to 19.00
Teatro delle Passioni, Modena
With the participations of Mario Bertoni, Lucio Spaziante, Damir Ivic, Massimo Mezzetti, Claudio Musso, Peter Rivasi.

All reports will have as a backdrop "DeFuMo", the video documentary that shows the intervention of Delta, Futura 2000, and Mode 2 on the walls of More, in Modena. The Civic Art Library Poletti will provide a bibliography on the topic. Outside of the theater, various artists will step in at the same time coordinated by Icone, which will also present his documentary video. The Gallery D406 will set up a sale of volumes.

The global success of street art has made more indeterminate the boundaries between the act of vandalism and social intervention, between the freedom of artistic expression and the processes of reification. The aesthetics of tags, stencils, posters and counterfeiting has turned from phenomenon of symbolic and illegal guerrilla, mostly lived in a clandestine way, into a merchandise, flaring up in advertising and entering in the culture industry. The same institutions that have fought it without disdaining the use of violence, now cuddle and realize street art’s opportunities, mobilizing a rhetoric of creative city no less media and instrumental of the safe city that banned its demonstrations.

Reflecting on street art, then, means to go into an area dotted by misunderstandings, in which the critical and subversive vocation of art resonates with the deployment of large capital, branding strategies, technologies of government and conformism. But it is this exuberance of meanings, ambiguity and irony that makes it irreducible to any definition of gender, and makes street art a specific object of cultural studies or what Antonio Gramsci called a "philosophy of the impure act, and namely real. "

With this seminar we will try to understand what is the experience of the city that has defined and reflected itself in the parasitic and viral forms of abusive art, in its languages and history, on the not too ideal road that connects a train depot or the terminus of a subway train to the center of the world where the counterculture is auctioned.

VIE DELL’ARTE is a project by Campo della cultura (Fondazione Mario del Monte) in collaboration with Icone (for actions on the walls), Gallery D406 (for the ideation and sale of books), Civic Art Library Luigi Poletti (for the bibliography) and ERT. The initiative is funded by Assessorato alla Cultura della Regione Emilia-Romagna, Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Modena and the Department of Architecture of the University of Bologna. Info: 059.403015 - 3391525607





Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival is an Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione project
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