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Altre Velocità is a group of observers and critics of the arts, committed to create connections between art and contemporary society, taking into consideration theater, dance and emerging artists on the international scene. Altre Velocità works as an editorial staff in different festivals, events and seasons, with in-depth examinations on magazines, web and radio. It also organizes critical writing workshops, seminars and meetings where spectators and artists can confront each other.

During VIE Festival 2013, Altre Velocità will take care of a workshop whose aim is to encourage the dialogue between contemporary theatre and public, promoting an active and critical view of the shows.
During VIE Festival, Altre Velocità together with the workshop's participants, will write a daily page on“La Gazzetta di Modena”, a local newspaper. The articles will also be available on the festival website.


NODE festival


Node is a festival dedicated to the meeting of the visual arts with music, cinema and new technologies, which brings in Italy the most interesting projects of the world scene, turning Modena in a reference point on the international scene exactly when the city needs to experiment with other forms of expression, filling spaces with new sounds and images.

Over the last four years Node, thanks to its unique character, has become an event of great importance among the city's initiatives: it is able to appeal the attention of thousands of people, from Italy and abroad, and bring them into the prestigious venues of Galleria Civica, in Modena, in order to attend national premieres. 

During the festival the city becomes a space for interactive installations, creations of sound and video makers, works carefully selected among the production of famous international artists,  exponents of digital sensibility.

With a program full of events, performances and workshops, Node wants to be a regular appointment for Modena, a festival to draw young people closer to digital arts, combining live media performances, audiovisual projects and workshops.

The union between music and the arts is, in fact, the goal that Node intends to realize; a bond that is difficult to establish but, once created, it will be impossible to break up. This is the second year that VIE and Node work together, hopefully a basis for future projects.


IC0NE5.9: international street art event

Contemporary art in the municipalities hit by the earthquake of 2012


Associazione Culturale Fuori Oraio and the gallery D406 – Fedeli alla linea present IC0NE5.9, an international festival of contemporary art with the aim of bringing some of the most important Italian and international artists of street art in Modena and in the cities hit by the earthquake in May-June 2012.

 Serving the dual purpose of maintaining high the attention of media on this battered cities and to give them permanent public art works, the event will develop between the end May and late July 2013, in collaboration with the institutions of all participating cities, involving, as well as Modena Camposanto, Cavezzo, Medolla, S. Felice sul Panaro, Bastiglia, Bomporto e Carpi.

In addition, the event will be enriched by parallel events such as the conference "Le Vie dell'arte", hosted by VIE Festival at the Teatro delle Passioni, and a double exhibition at the gallery D406 – Fedeli alla linea of Modena.

In particular, between the 29th to 31th of May, Ozmo will participate with an intervention at Teatro delle Passioni, while on the 8th of June, will inaugurate the exhibition at D406 – Fedeli alla linea with: 108 - Aris - Mosone - Ozmo - Lorenzo Fonda - Luca Zamoc - Francis Bevini - Herbert Baglione (Brazil) - Laurina Daisy Duck - Dem - Paper Resistance - Ericailcane - Bastardilla (Bolivia) - James Kalinda

Vie Scena Contemporanea Festival is an Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione project
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